Kinghaven's Raging "Ruckus"
CGC, TDI, ATTS "TT", GDT, Ranked IDT3, CAL3, CCF3,

Ruckus doing Mondioring jumps at
age 6
Ruckus working on Defense of
Handler at age 7
Last Updated: December 18th, 2013
Ruckus has proved his worth in many arenas. He has
achieved titles & certifications in Mondioring,
Schutzhund and many other working venues in addition
to passing his TDI test and CGC test. He has caught
every time we put him in front of a hog no matter how
challenging. He is what we look for in an American
Bulldog. Currently Ruckus is hanging out with our
friends at Rockytop Bulldogs, were he is enjoying
retirement and producing the next generation of
working American Bulldogs. We would like to
personally thank those that have helped us continue
our goals through our rough times when we were